Welcome to Africa’s “Silicon Valley”, where Africa’s best talent build together.

Imagine a city designed for the future of work. Where remote work-friendly policy, coliving, speedy internet, world class infrastructure and incredible talent seamlessly integrate to give you an amazing digital experience.

We are an innovative city built from scratch, for a connected tomorrow.

It all began with friendly policies and infrastructure that spark innovation and productivity.

Our first location, Talent City Lagos, is located in the Lekki Free Zone in Nigeria. The special economic zone fosters a business friendly environment with policies including zero corporate tax and ease of remote company registration.

We create an ecosystem that enables innovative startups to thrive, attracting tech and IT talents from around the world.

Infrastructure and amenities for a fully remote future.

Talent City Lagos is a technology hub equipped with fast internet and reliable infrastructure including convenient transit and 24/7 uninterrupted power.

Designed to power the future of remote work, the city will have ample coworking space, parks, outdoor phone booths, complete with private smart homes.

Meet our founding residents.

Talent City is a founder/investor ecosystem, a world-class community of experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and product developers.

Introducing Talent City Lagos.

The first Talent City will be located a short drive from Lagos, the largest and fastest growing city in Africa. Talent City Lagos provides access to a vibrant city along with the beautiful nature of the Bight of Benin coastline.

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